Mystery Board Game
Evening Dinner


Friday, October 13, 2023 – 5-9pm


Saranac Lake, Town of Harrietstown Town Hall

Tickets must be purchased by October 1, 2023

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Last Resort Board Game with cards, instructions and game material
The Spider Board Game showing an inflatable globe, cards, and game accessories
The Cleansing of Killian House Game Table with all cards and accessories

Catch a Killer

Solve a Kidnapping

Stop a Madman

Enter the exciting world as detectives united to solve some very mysterious cases. With 4-6 players for each game table, you and your group will play one of the 12 renowned mystery board games from the Deadbolt Mystery Society.

Come join us for a fun evening of sleuthing and enjoy a range of appetizers from Lakeview Deli, cold drinks, a cash bar, raffles and a silent auction. You can come alone, or with a group to combine your talents for detection to solve the crime!

A smart phone or other WiFi Internet connected device is required to play each game as the Deadbolt Mystery Society maintains clues and other game information within their website, which is accessible using the QR codes on the game material.

If you have any questions please use our contact page or call us at (518) 400-2351.

About the Event

Ticket Price, Date, Location and Time

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased using the form below. Ticket purchase deadline is April 9, 2023. The event will occur on Friday, April 21, 2023, in Saranac Lake, at the Town of Harrietstown Town Hall, from 5:00 – 9:00pm.

Food and Beverages

Including quiche cut outs (vegetarian), mini savory turnovers (vegetarian), mini twice baked potato (vegetarian), Swedish meatballs, pigs in a blanket with Andouille sausage and creole mustard (optional), grilled chicken sliders, pulled pork, desserts, soft drinks and a cash bar.

Raffle and Silent Auction

In addition to all the great board game fun, food and drink, we’re offering a 50/50 raffle and a silent auction featuring some great items from local businesses. We welcome your participation and, if you would like to donate an item for our silent auction please use the Contact Form to let us know.

The Games

All board games were created by the Deadbolt Mystery Society. We will be randomly handing out wrapped games when all participants have taken their places at their tables. You can learn more about the games we’re providing by scrolling down to The Games section, and whet your appetite for an evening of bringing out your inner detective.

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Additional Information

If there is any additional information you think would be helpful in our reserving your ticket, such as a request to be seated with other participants, or an accommodation due to disability, please let us know.


The Games

Here are the games to be played at the fundraiser. Participants will be assigned a game at random when entering the game space. Each game will be wrapped separately. Once the game play time is started each table will open, setup and play the game.

Your table will need a WiFi enabled device (smartphone or tablet) to get clues and other game information from the Deadbolt Mystery Society website to play and complete the game

The Spider game cover with spooky webbing

The Spider

Valley Falls has recently been hit by a wave of strange deaths. Five individuals have perished in accidents, yet a card with the image of a spider was found near each body. Were these more than mere accidents? Who is The Spider? Use all of your investigative knowledge and find out!
Last Resort game cover with a tropical island overlayed with a spooky skull

Last Resort

A group of co-workers employed by a Valley Falls travel agency have been given an incredible opportunity. The Refuge at Emerald Island is an isolated and exclusive resort that, ironically, none of the travel agents have ever heard of. What makes this opportunity even more special is that they will be the last group to stay at the tropical resort. The week after their stay, the resort is scheduled to be demolished by its owner and rebuilt as an industrial hub. Once the group arrives, they are excited for sand, sun and relaxation. That quickly changes when a member of their team is found dead with a harpoon in the back. The person who committed the crime must be one of the travel agency guests or the resort staff. Trapped on an island with a bloodthirsty killer, the body count is certain to go up as the suspect list goes down. Will you figure out who the killer is before it’s too late?
The Inheritance game cover with ornate gold border and center shield

The Inheritance

The McClains are one of the oldest and richest families in Valley Falls. So when the current patriarch of the family, Edison McClain, asks for your help and is willing to make it worth your time, how can you say no? Edison was planning on naming his heir and the next head of the family. So he called together all of the McClains and proposed a game as a last test to see the worthiness of those he deemed had potential. But someone in the family had other ideas. During the family get-together, the McClain’s oldest and most prized possession, a medallion bearing the household’s coat of arms, was stolen. This 500-year-old family heirloom is believed by the family to be the reason for their wealth and success throughout the years. Without the medallion Edison can’t name his heir, and he fears the family will fall into ruin. Will you be able to find the thief and the medallion? Can you recover The Inheritance?
Trick or Treat game cover with Jack-o-Lantern and knife stuck in a table

Trick or Treat

Hyde Manor is one of those places in Valley Falls that is notorious for its reputation as a haunted house. The house is abandoned, in a serious state of disrepair, and should have been condemned long ago. But, tonight, on an evening when the air is crisp and filled with the acrid smell of burning leaves, there is a light on in one of the downstairs windows. Tonight…on Halloween night! As president of the Neighborhood Watch, you decide to investigate. A gaunt, skeletal old man named Bradbury answers the door and says, “I’ve been expecting you. I need your help.” You know immediately that something is wrong about this entire situation, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. So, you have a choice to make. Do you investigate and try to figure out what is going on at Hyde Manor? What will you find at the bottom of this Halloween mystery?
The Cleansing of Killian House game cover with the entrance to an old house with red doors

The Cleansing of Killian House: X2

The story of Zane Killian is a dark, bloody stain on Valley Falls history. A noted madman, serial killer, and practitioner of the black arts, Killian was a reclusive millionaire who had inherited a fortune from his wealthy father. Since Killian’s death in the early 1900’s, many who have set foot in the mansion have never made it out to tell about it. Many souls that have explored the dismal hallways of Killian House have met an untimely demise, and it is believed that Zane Killian found a way to cheat death. You have been tasked with helping famed paranormal investigator, Nick Groff, explore the Killian House and locate Killian’s secret that binds him to the house. Your investigation may involve speaking with the spirits of Killian’s victims who are still believed to inhabit the house. No doubt, if they are able to communicate they will be too happy to share information on how to eradicate Killian’s spirit and see justice finally served. Cleanse the house of the evil bound spirit of Zane Killian and restore peace to this dark corner of Valley Falls.
Blackout game cover with dark city streets and an alley with a dumpster


When Rob Evers gets a big promotion at work, a celebration is in order. After a wild night out on the town, Rob wakes up in a dark alley with no memory of his actions and the disturbing sense that he might have been involved in something. Only he can’t remember what. With a sinking feeling in his gut, he checks his pockets and finds a several strange items along with a series of voice messages on his phone. When he calls his friends, they even tell him that he left the bar with a woman. Rob has no memory of the night at all and is worried about what he might have done. Retrace Rob’s actions from the night in question and determine all of the things he did during his Blackout!
Conspiracy game cover with pictures posted in a wall connected with red string


A hidden message in The Valley Falls Observer leads to the conclusion that all is not what it seems. Is the message simply the result of a typo, a practical joke, or mere coincidence? Or is there a deeper conspiracy working behind the scenes of Valley Falls?
The Last Prey game cover with a skull , book with a French horn cover and a feather

The Last Prey

Richard Chalmers, an upstanding Valley Falls citizen and wealthy businessman, has passed away. He was a city favorite as Santa Claus and even won Valley Falls “Man of The Year.” Yet, it appears he might’ve had a hidden hobby no one knew about. During an estate sale liquidating Chalmers’ property, someone discovered his hunting journal. The contents are shocking to say the least. According to the entries, Chalmers has been stalking and killing people for the last few years. Based on discoveries found in the journal, he wasn’t able to kill his final captured victim. The dates of those journal entries indicate there’s a chance the final victim may still be alive. Journey into a serial killer’s mind to discover where his last victim is before time runs out and help rescue The Last Prey!
The Gift game cover with child's building blocks and ring toys

The Gift

As the holiday season approaches, the Valley Falls Police Department receives an early present: three dead bodies surrounded by toys and games. These “gifts” have been left by someone calling themselves The Tinkerer. Now, the killer has left a note at the Will Street Detective Agency claiming that more lives are on the line. Time is running out.
The Watcher game cover with a shadowy man standing on a foggy street

The Watcher

Allison Zeller has a secret admirer. She thinks the mysterious guy is sweet enough at first until his behavior escalates past simple admiration and spirals into full-blown obsession. Someone is stalking her and growing impatient that they can’t have her. This infatuation culminates in a full-blown attack on Allison’s life, leaving her at death’s door. It’s likely that whoever did this to her will come back to finish what they started. Can you find out the identity of Allison’s stalker before it’s too late? Can you unmask The Watcher?
Scavenger game cover with a crypt, pine trees and church in the foreground with a map and ferris wheel in the background


When Ernest Whitlock, the head of the Valley Falls Historical Society, is found dead from a gunshot wound inside City Hall, the first thing investigators do is check the security cameras. It’s quickly determined that someone took the cameras off-line for the night. This leaves a series of unanswered questions about how Whitlock gained access to the locked building after hours and what he might have been doing there. Those questions are soon answered by a printed invitation found in his jacket pocket. The invitation is from Walter Cline, the founder of a group called the Enigmatic Assembly. The secretive group’s mission statement is to “Shine a light on the unlit corners of the world to uncover secret truths,” and their purpose is to seek out cryptic knowledge that has been lost to history. The letter Whitlock received provides a host of details about an extreme scavenger hunt that will lead six participants to the strangest and most remote corners of Valley Falls and task them with finding the location of a life-changing fortune. Based on this information, the most likely suspects in Whitlock’s death are the five other players listed in the letter. Take up the task that Ernest Whitlock started, play the game the Enigmatic Assembly has set into motion, and be prepared to go into the deepest, darkest places in Valley Falls to find Whitlock’s killer. The Hunt is on!
Blast from the Past game cover with a vintage 1980's cassette, a car and console video game.

Blast From the Past

The 80’s were a decade of big hair, MTV, video games, outrageous clothing, and fun. The Valley Falls High School “Class of ‘86” is having a Blast From the Past reunion to relive the glory days of their youth and see old friends that they’ve lost touch with over the years. The reunion is a roaring success until the principal is found strangled to death in his office. Only someone attending the reunion could have killed him. But who? And why? Take a nostalgic step back into the 80’s, find out who killed the principal of Valley Falls High School, and experience a Blast From the Past!