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Accessible Adirondack Tourism focuses on tourism in the Adirondacks for people with disabilities,
their families, friends and companions.

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Together, We Can Ensure the Adirondacks are More Welcoming for Everyone.

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Generous Acts Grant from the Adirondack Foundation

We have received a Generous Acts grant from the Adirondack Foundation to provide free ADA compliance assessments for locations throughout the Adirondack region during the summer 2024 season. We are grateful for their generous support to help people with disabilities find accessible locations to shop, dine, stay, and play in the Adirondacks. Please sign up if you are interested in receiving the free assessment, and to be listed within our website.

The Adirondack Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources to improve lives and expand opportunities throughout the Adirondack region.

The Adirondacks are not just a wilderness wonderland, but is comprised of communities, just like yours, that are filled with caring and compassionate people. Wherever you may live in the Adirondack region there is a sense of community over this vast 6-million acres of beauty that gives us cause to feel as if we’re all neighbors, because we are.

But we’re not just stewards of the land, we’re stewards of our communities and the visitors who come, if only for a little while, to get a glimpse of the mountains, forests, lakes and starry nights we call home.

Unfortunately, there is an entire group of people, people with various disabilities, including our ageing population, that find it challenging to visit us. Maybe they can’t find where to go because of inaccessible websites, or perhaps the places they want to visit won’t accomodate a wheelchair. But there is certainly hope and that hope is – you.

Information regarding accessibility tourism is so vital that the United Nations has listed “Unavailable information on accessible facilities, services, equipment rentals and tourist attractions” as one of the major barriers to international tourism.

Just by visiting this website you’ve become more aware of how important accessibility for people with disabilities is. If you can, please support our efforts and thank you.

What We Do

Accessible Adirondack Tourism provides a single-source website for people with disabilities to locate recreational, dining, lodging, retail, outdoor and other accessible resources within the Adirondack region, including the 14 counties of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, Saratoga, Oneida, Oswego, Warren, and Washington. We also provided educational resources for organizations seeking to become more accessible in their interactions with the public.


Providing reliable informational resources to people with disabilities who live, work, visit and play in the Adirondack region. By only including accessible locations, websites and social media pages in our website our users can be assured that they can plan their trip with accessibility in mind and that the accomodations they need will be available to them.


Many locations want to be accessible for various reasons and some don’t know where to start. A significant part of our mission is to provide education to businesses and municipalities within the Adirondack region on what accessibility means and what standards they are required to comply with for their physical locations, websites and social media pages.


Our work advocates for people with disabilities by encouraging best accessibility practices by businesses, municipalites and other Adirondack organizations.


When envisioning people with disabilities most think of wheelchairs and assisted mobility. However, there are disabilities that are all too often overlooked such as color blindness, cataracts, and carpal tunnel syndrome. We provide public awareness in the hope that more people will consider how their organizations can better serve people with disabilities.


By promoting accessible locations, websites and social media pages we bring greater marketing exposure to Adirondack businesses that support the ideals of ensuring accessibility for everyone.

With Your Help, We're Making The Adirondacks More
Accessible for Everyone

Accessible Adirondack Tourism, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is authorized to accept donations that are tax deductable to our donors.

We're not just a website. We're also an online and in person educational resource for businesses, organizations and municipalities within the Adirondack region to assist them in their goals of being more accessible to people with all kinds of disabilities.

We offer organizations assistance with learning about how to make their locations, websites and social media pages available to everyone and we need your generous support to continue our mission.